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Jacmacor Security Solutions are specialists in the security solutions and preventions industry that are able to offer you services tailored for your business and specific needs. The importance of security whether in your business or your home has become and is continuing to be increasingly essential. This is due to the rapid rise in crime over the last few years especially in South Africa. We have realized this and understand the importance of effective and influential security solutions that are suited to your specific needs.

What We Stand For

Our highly trained and experienced team is driven and focused on providing you with complete and comprehensive security solutions. We have a passion and a love for what we do and this shines throughout every division of our business, as we continue to grow and prosper by exceeding our clients. We ensure to always supply the highest quality products that are up to date with the latest technology and innovations, as well as a superior service that makes a difference.

Why Work With Us?


Accuracy is in everything we do because if we don’t there could be serious implications.


We do honest business by giving professional opinions so that you can be at peace of mind at all times.


Quality in the products and services we provide is of extreme importance to us.


We ensure that everyone is continuously working hard to exceed your expectations.

At Jacmacor we strive for positive outcomes which are ultimately determined by our values. We offer expert and honest security guidance that makes a difference.


-Corne Momberg-

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